Well Women, IT'S CAFÉ TIME! Today we shall talk about WOMEN ON THE RISE! I hope you're excited about our conversation today! :) What marvelous honor it is to be a Woman, to be a Woman Saved by God through Jesus Christ, to be a Woman called by God to be born for this time and generation. AMAZING AND MARVELOUS IS OUR GOD who took note of us and said, "You Precious Woman, are my chosen instrument...

I have chosen you of all the people in this earth, and called you forth to display my glory and splendor through you at this hour!  You did not choose me, I chose you!"  WOW, what can we say when God has called us and told us that we are brought to His Kingdom for such a time as this, to ARISE and COME to our rightful place in the Body of Christ and in Society, to Hear & Follow His Voice and lead and COME TO ALL THAT HE RESERVED FOR US & THROUGH US..WOW... Let me help you, YOU SHOULD SAY... "YES LORD! I AM HERE...I BELIEVE YOU...SEND ME! I WILL SPEAK IN YOUR NAME, I WILL DO IN YOUR NAME!

Well He has called you to His Great ARMY of WOMEN who ARE ON THE RISE to THE PLACE RESERVED FOR THEM FOR THIS HOUR! There is so much waiting to be done in and through your life, you must know it, IT MUST BURN IN YOU LIKE A FIRE, a fire that nothing and no one can quench!

WILL YOU DARE BELIEVE HIM? I pray that you do, regardless of what it takes, may you find your purpose IN HIM for your life and for this world. GO NOW, GET IN HIS PRESENCE...I'd like to chat with you some more...BUT...I believe HE IS CALLING YOU TO HAVE SWEET FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM! 

Talk to you at the next CAFE TIME..."WOMEN Being Called To The Frontlines"



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