Kingdom Woman - TEA TIME

Dear & PRECIOUS Woman, Take a break and let's have TEA TIME. 
I will address my conversation to all the Women who in one way or another are not being valued nor treated as a Daughter of The KING of kings, JESUS. It may be that you have been or are being mistreated or abused, whether mentally, emotionally or physically; it may be that you have submitted to that treatment thinking that it's the norm, or that you deserve it, or it's a culture thing, or maybe because of past mistakes, or even maybe because you feel you must keep this relationship for some reason, but I'm here in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring you Hope and Good News, and first of all to tell you that you are not alone, GOD wants to be part of your life and reveal Himself to you, as well as show you your High worth, purpose, and to tell you just how precious you are. He created you Unique and sent His Son Jesus Christ, His Word, to show you the standard, the norm according to Him, of how you should be valued and treated. He placed a high value on you, Precious Woman. He is your covering, your redeemer, the One who gave it all for you, all because of His Great Love for you. There is absolutely no reason why you should be mistreated nor abused in any relationship whether it is your husband, your boyfriend or someone you are living with


Well Women, IT'S CAFÉ TIME! Today we shall talk about WOMEN ON THE RISE! I hope you're excited about our conversation today! :) What marvelous honor it is to be a Woman, to be a Woman Saved by God through Jesus Christ, to be a Woman called by God to be born for this time and generation. AMAZING AND MARVELOUS IS OUR GOD who took note of us and said, "You Precious Woman, are my chosen instrument...

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